ABC Amber Converters

Collection of tools to transfer your email files to various formats

Our range of converters are the simplest way to:

  • Copy your Email messages and contacts to multiple file formats.
  • Convert your email mailboxes to various common file formats.
  • Export your email data from Windows to the Mac, Linux or Cloud compatible file formats.

With our converters, we guarantee you can do all conversion in just 3 Clicks!

Email files or extensions, we support are:

.pst, .eml, .msg, .mbox, .mbx, .tbb, .tbk, .tbn, .msf, .ost, .imm, .iml etc

The applications and formats supported by ABC Amber are shown below. We provide the best service to convert the following Email Clients' to the following formats.

You can convert FROM these Email Clients

Product Address Book Email Saved on My PC Email Saved on USB, External Drive
Microsoft Outlook
Windows Live Mail
The Bat!
Apple Mac Mail
eM Client
Microsoft Entourage

You can convert TO these formats

Product Email Retains Rich Text Format

ABC Amber Converter tools will helps you to convert email messages/mailboxes from different email clients to another email client supported file format.

  • How can I transfer mails from previous Email Clients to a new Email Client?.
  • See our Product list and choose your suited tool to complete your conversion task.
  • Can I also find the tools for Address Book Conversion?
  • Yes. We have a wide range of tools for Address Book Conversion, just choose your product from the list.
  • Do you provide Free Version of Tools too?
  • Yes, we always recommend you to try Free Demo Version first and then go for full licensed version as free version consists some limitations.
  • Will my original emails data be affected during or after conversion?
  • No, there will be no change in data or in any email formatting. Mails will be converted to the desired extension only and will retains Rich Text Formatting.
  • Do I need to have installed Email Clients for the conversion?
  • No, it's not necessary, but to import or open the emails you must have installed that email client on your OS.
  • Is technical support available if I have a question?
  • Yes. We provide guide for all the tools. Even then if you have any confusion or facing any problem then we are available for you 24X7 with our Technical Team. Call us or you can contact us through Live Chat Support.

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-- Richard (from California)

Everyone told me I couldn't transfer all my folders and addresses from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. This was a snap! Thanks a million.
-- Linda (from Washington DC)