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Since 2004, we at ProcessText Group are helping computer users to process & convert their data in required format. About 80% of computer users experience the need of data conversion from one platform to another at least once in their technical life cycle. Considering the huge demand of reliable file converter tools, our ABC Amber Converter brand provides multiple file converter applications that are ready to install in just few clicks.

We believe people can make their business run well if they are ready with the applications that simplifies their steps towards changes. ABC Amber provides customers with unique, cost-effective file converter applications without compromising on quality of the process executed. With range of multiple file migration tools, this can be the right place for users to resolve their email messages or email mailbox conversion troubles.

Why ABC Amber Converter ?

Every computer programs runs on certain defined algorithms only. It is the specific file format that decides how information is to be stored in a particular file of particular program. For Microsoft word it is .doc (.docx) file extension and for Outlook email client the file format is .pst, which implies the file formats varies from application to application. Thus, if the user want to open the specific file format with any other application then the format should be converted. Here comes the need of a competent file converter software. ABC Amber brings multiple file converter tools under one umbrella.

General file formats and email clients that is supported by various applications from ABC Amber are listed below for user reference.

Email file extentions, we support are:

pst, .eml, .emlx, .msg, .tbb, .mbox, .mbx, .rtf, .ost, .html, .tbk, .tbn, .msf, .imm, .iml, .mbs etc.

Email clients, we support are:

In order to ensure better conversion results and faster process, the file converters here comes with simple UI and self-explanatory options to proceed file transfer process.

Featuring ABC Amber Solutions as Top Choice File Converter.

With recognitions, appreciations and certifications for the products developed in ABC Amber, now the company tools are featured as the top choice of users for file converter applications with these qualities highlighted.

  • Extremely reasonable rate.
  • Highly experienced team of experts in development domain
  • Solutions to effectively convert to all major file formats including Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook, get TBB files in MS Outlook .pst format etc.
  • Every file converter application here undergoes persistent updates to improve the functionalities for project satisfaction.
  • 24x7 technical support and 100% money back guarantee
  • High rate of user trust gained.

We Guarantee 100% Perfection in File Conversion Process !

ABC Amber Converter Company is the ambitious project of a group of aspiring software developers. Years ago, in 2004, it was the spark of thought among few developers who want to bring innovative changes to the software industry that transformed to a multinational company today. The software resource hub of the company is rich with highly advanced and updated utilities that are required to convert files between many device formats, email formats and even email mailboxes. With extended support to more than 30+ email clients and email formats, software applications here serves majority of the email file conversion requests from users. The expertise and skills acquired by our development team through years of experience add up to the process perfection executed by the tools.